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I am so grateful for Building Favors. When I launched my business in 2017, I hired an overpriced contractor on FIVERR that gave me the logo that I asked for, but not the one that my company needed to enhance growth and impact. Building Favors engaged me in a much more intentional design process, teaching me important design principles along the way. Thanks to the company’s genius, I got the perfect logo–one that was aligned with my mission, versatile enough to be used for varying purposes and campaigns, appealing to my very diverse target audience, and timely.  In addition, through consultation I learned all about Brand Guides and it became one of my budding organization’s most utilized tools. I recommend Building Favors for any company needing a brand team to make sure your content is consistently flawless.


Co-Founder & Servant

As a visual artist, I pride myself on knowing the fundamentals of good visual design. There are times, however, when we professionals have to turn to other professionals and seek further insight. The skilled minds at BuildingFavors helped guide several of my business projects towards a clarity that helped streamline how I delivered my vision towards the right audience. They are gurus of effective visual development.

Eric Zaragoza

CEO Noble Strife Studio

I’ve been working with Devon for several months now.  He’s made my life so much easier and has used his expertise to help me build my social media presence and make it more consistent.  I’ve gotten more followers and sales since Building Favors has taken over my social media, and now I can focus on creating more pieces and expanding my product offerings instead of trying to learn and remember all the right things to do on my social media accounts.  I have a few other businesses in the works and will definitely be handing over my social media accounts to Building Favors once they’re ready.  I highly recommend them!

Nicold Pittman

Owner – Twenty Thou

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