What We Do?

Social Media Marketing

Social media are now an essential reference for consumers. Your pages must reflect your values and professionalism to maintain an impeccable reputation. With Building Favors, you’ll get a professional social media strategy adapted to your desire platforms.

Our Solutions
  • Creation and optimization of profiles on social media platforms
  • Strategic planning of publications
  • Creation of graphic and textual content to feed the platforms
  • Community management / Social media management
  • Creation of advertising campaigns
  • Creation and management of competitions
  • Crisis management
  • Analysis of results and production of quarterly reports
  • Increased visibility
  • An increased subscriber base


Let’s play our cards on the table: we are a digital communication agency with a strong background in graphic design and visual communication. On the one hand, because we appreciate beautiful things, on the other because we like to follow technological and societal developments.

We use this know-how and experience to be more than a digital agency to do more than graphic design or digital marketing consultancy. We use them to offer our clients global support, a 360 ° view of what they have, what they want, what they could have, what they will have.

Of course, we could tell you that we are passionate, experienced, over-equipped, silky, so cool and that our only happiness is your satisfaction. Who doesn’t say so?


Content marketing is the creation of quality content for posting on various online platforms. Placing interesting thematic contents on third-party resources contributes to:

  • Increase in audience coverage
  • Increasing the recognition of your business online
  • Drive targeted traffic to your site

It is quite difficult and time-consuming to do independent work on content because you need to find an expert, draw up technical specifications, check finished works, and search and. evaluate..suitable platforms for posting content. Entrust all the difficult work to Building Favors, and you’ll never regret you take the bold step!


With our extensive years of experience in the eCommerce industry, our experience allows us to create premium solutions for the goals and objectives of any business. We develop o.nline stores on marketplaces, B2B solutions. Thanks to our eCommerce experts, we offer you the best service that will make online shopping comfortable.


Together with our client, we develop a promotion strategy, launch digital marketing, create advertising content. Besides, we understand that sound competition is a stimulus for business development, and social media, marketplaces are a product that is gaining popularity again. We work out the paths of customers and sellers, describe the logic for each role, and develop a user-friendly solution in a way that saves time and optimizes business processes.


The brand is not only the logo; the most important thing is that it represents each business’s values.

The corporate image affects all business areas, not just the marketing department, and many businesses focus only on that point. They do not invest in educating the entire staff on business values.

Consumers choose the products they consume based on their price/quality, but something that greatly influences the purchase decision is the values that the brands represent. The feelings that they transmit to us or how they make us feel, belonging to a group or a community, is a feeling that human beings seek by nature.